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Japanese word of the day #11

美術(びじゅつ)bijutsu- Art


watashi wa bijutsu no benkyou o suru tameni furansu ni itta

I went to France to study art

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January 19, 2017



Edit** I made this a little rushed and realized I forgot to actually put the word in the sentence. It's fixed now


Could you explain the other words too? What is "o suru tameni"? And what's the "ni" particle for?


'o suru' is essentially just 'do ____', in this case the blank being 'benkyou', which means 'study'. 'tame ni' essentially means 'for the purpose of'', and I can't say with confidence why the 'ni' is there.


Thanks, your posts are very useful! :)


Thank you very much

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