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  5. "Nó là một con ong."

" một con ong."

Translation:It is a bee.

January 19, 2017



Can it also be translated as "That is a bee" as well as "It is a bee"?


Nope. Nó is a pronoun that means it/he/she. There is a bee will be translated like đó/kia là một con ong


She didn't say "there" but "that". There is a difference

[deactivated user]

    Kia là một con ông it's not right. People will understand it but it could be funny because it's not written way.


    That mean "đó", it mean "nó", but the real life, you say "đó" or "nó" everyone all understand.


    I thought so too.


    i made that mistake too, and though i never formally studied vietnamese. it is my first natural tongue.

    [deactivated user]

      How is the classifier 'con' used here?


      Bee is translated as "con ong". Without that classifier, the word 'ong' has no meaning. I hope that helps!

      [deactivated user]

        Thank you for reply. So do I have to use 'con' every time i name animals?

        [deactivated user]

          Actually yes but that way no too. But that depends on what you are trying to say. Like "Tôi ân con gà" (I eat chicken) it's accepted too as "Tôi ân gà". This is maybe little bit hard to explain or understand but hope you are understanding.


          It didn't sound like "ong"

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