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  5. "תן לי את זה."

"תן לי את זה."

Translation:Give me that.

January 19, 2017



The algorithm says the correct answer is "Give me that.", but I believe it can also be "Give it to me."


I believe so too, but it also counted me wrong. The meaning is the same.


I tried the same. Does anyone know if there would be a different way to say "Give it to me."?


If I would be asked to translate "Give it to me" to Hebrew I would have translate it as "תן לי את זה". And as far as my mind goes, I can't think of any other way to translate it. The thing is that "Give me that" is a direct translation of "תן לי את זה", though I think that this sentence is not really grammatically correct in English..?


Ten li et ze to a male.

Tni li et ze to a female.

Tnu li et ze when speaking to a group.

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