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  5. "Los atletas no comen pan."

"Los atletas no comen pan."

Translation:Athletes do not eat bread.

January 19, 2017



I am an athlete and I eat bread, why don't these athletes eat bread


I am an athlete too, and I LOVE bread. Duo is getting their facts wrong. LOL


because they think it makes them so gaseous that they cant do their job.


This is not Wikipedia, we are just teaching you vocabulary and grammar.


I am an athlete to and i LOVE Bread like LOVE BREAD IT IS SO GOOD!


I used to work at subway, and the joggers wanted their bread scooped out due to too many carbs in the bread, maybe that is one of the reasons?


Why does it say that "Athletes do not eat bread" is also correct? In my mind "Los atletas" should be the equivalent of "The athletes".


I think "Los atletas" can mean athletes in general.

[deactivated user]

    "The" is not used with plurals when that plural implies a general reference; only when that plural implies a specific group.

    So, "Athletes do not eat bread" is the equivalent to: "Any athlete does not eat any bread". Whereas "the athletes do not eat bread" implies that you're not talking about athletes in general but a particular group, for example those who compete in a certain event or at a certain level; and the same goes for the bread: it is referring bread in general.


    Thats exactly why this exercise confuses me. I understand what you say about English, however it appear the exact opposite in Spanish- when you use "Los/Las + plural" it refers to the general group (any athletes). I'm not an English or Spanish speaker, can anyone clarify that?


    Exactly what i thought


    Haha, good idea!!! I could really go for some chocolate cake.....


    MUST. STOP. CRAVING. CAKE!!!! Focus on KitKats now. LOL.


    Please, why is it that my answer, "The athletes do not eat bread" was marked incorrect? Gracias.


    It is now marked correct.


    Yes, why is "The athletes do not eat bread" not correct?


    In English, when we want to say athletes in general we say "athletes" and when we want to specify a particular group of athletes we say "the athletes". But in Spanish, when you want to say athletes in general you say "los atletas". The Duolingo sentence was evidently trying to say "Athletes don't eat bread" instead of "The athletes don't eat bread." But, apparently since people complained, Duo now accepts both translations.


    Well, even if Spanish speakers generally mean athletes in general when they say this, (and that's goid to know,) we have to consider how an English->Spanish translation of "the athletes" would turn out.

    So both Spanish->English translations, with and without "the," have to be accepted.


    It was probably a mistake, the answer is marked correct now.


    Basically, in spanish "Los atletas" means "THE people who are athletes". In English, we can just say "Athletes", but in spanish you need the preposition.


    Guys. The los/las is an article. Articles are supposed to accompany nouns in Spanish, and usually do not need an english translation. This is why "athletes do not eat bread" is acceptable


    I'm another person to ask why, "The athletes do not eat bread" is not correct? There has not been a reply to any of us.


    It should work now :)


    Why cant the athletes eat bread?


    It's not that they can't it is just because Duo gives such random sentences for us. But then again bread or wheat of any kind is usually avoided when you are an athlete, that is at least how I am.


    a social jokey site it is not...please


    Por que es "Los" atletas y no "Las" atletas?


    Same here I put "Las atletas" and it accepted it.


    Nicolas_Chan 6 It says write what you hear

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    This is a well known fact.


    Some athletes find cutting out bread to be healthier


    Why is it "los atletas" here, but in other examples of profession we leave off the article even when it makes more sense to have it?


    How do I use accents when I'm using android? No accents on the keyboard.


    Try downloading the Spanish keyboard in languages or holding down the letter for more options :)


    On my tablet I just press and hold on the symbol I want.


    why 'Los atletas' and not 'Las atletas' ? 'Atleta' is a feminine word and it logically follows that 'las' is to always be used with it (Las atletas) Just like 'persona' ( person) only una/la/las are to be used with it; for example ( The man is a person = El hombre es una persona). are there exceptions or something I'm being oblivious to ?


    Mmmm... Carbs...


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