"John the Baptist"

Translation:Sfântul Ion

January 19, 2017

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From a previous exercise I know that this course insists on calling this character from the Bible "John the Baptist", "Saint John" does not suffice.

Wikipedia tells me that the "proper" name in Romanian is "Ioan Botezătorul." Is that actually used?


"Saint John the Evangelist" (Sfântul Ioan Evanghelistul) wrote the fourth gospel in the New Testament. I think that in the Orthodox calendar his day is 8th July.

"Saint John the Baptist" (Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul) was the prophet that baptized Jesus Christ and introduced Him to the nation of Israel. I think that in the Orthodox calendar his day is 7th January.

It does appear that these two men are being confused on this course. Can someone please explain why.


Lack of knowledge.


Lol, if there is somebody that really wants to know romanian, John the Baptist is translated as Ioan Botezatorul


Why is Ioan not accepted?

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This is very misleading. Yes, John the Baptist is Saint John, but here we are talking about a translation course. The correct translation should be "Ion Botezatorul" we have this in the Romanian culture.

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