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Spreekwoorden en gezegden

From my 12 years o fliving in Holland, I can say that it is impossible to be truly fluent in Dutch without knowing all its numerous proverbs and fixed expressions. Yet the course seems to have very little on that. Is there an initiative to create a separate experience (tree) in this area?

January 19, 2017



The website Onze taal and the website Woorden.org have a list with proverbs and fixed expressions.

Although the explanation is only in Dutch, it might be helpful for people who already know a bit Dutch.

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Maybe this memrise course about conversational connectors may help you practice: http://www.memrise.com/course/352202/conversational-connectors-fillers-dutch/


Dutch is rich in wonderful expressions and idioms. The link you provided gives quite a few that are used all the time in Dutch conversation.


Ik hoop dat dl steeds uitgebreider zal worden. "Hoop doet leven" i.e. Hope springs eternal ;)

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