"They have drunk everything already."

Translation:Вони вже випили все.

January 19, 2017

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The pattern in Ukrainian is: "Person + вже + verb + noun" (the most common) or "Person + вже + noun + verb" (natural in some cases like this one, but not all the time)

Please don't copy the English pattern in Ukrainian. For example, don't translate "Person + has/have + verb + noun + already" ("They have drunk everything already") to "Вони випили все вже". This is not a grammatically correct Ukrainian sentence. Translating each word in a sentence ≠ translating a sentence.


I like the alliteration


"вони нарешті все випили" is also correct option.


No, that would be "They have finally drunk everything". Finally ≠ already.


Then how do you say Already in Ukrainian?

Бо я як нативний носій мови не знаю слів окрім "Нарешті" що мали б це значення


It's cool that every word begins with в.


Why "ви" and not "про?"

[deactivated user]

    «Вони вже випили все» means they've already drunk all the liquids they have.

    «Вони вже пропили все» means they've already spent all the material possessions they had on alcohol.

    You can «пропити прикраси» 'sell jewelry to buy alcohol', but you can’t «випити прикраси» 'drink up jewelry'.

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