Xin Chào

Hey! I'm Livi and I want to meet you! I'll try to keep in touch with you guys! You can challenge me but I'm sorry if I didnt pick up.Plz follow me and my friend LilyGustafson! I hope to meet you guys soon!!!!!!!

January 19, 2017


Chào! Welcome to Duolingo! (Assuming you started recently). Good Luck with Vietnamese!

Are chinese?(just wondering because it sounds like one)

I really like your chat thing

Hey I know I'm new in this discussion thing but plz be nice

where are you from

No I'm not Chinese

I'm getting better at Vietnamese

Plz start Swedish Livi

I'm trying to start new languages so I might not be quit good yet

Also my parents are helping me with my speaking

Hi I am Livi's friend Lily Gustafson plz follow I am really sorry if I don't respond but I do like competition

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