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  5. "Dw i wedi ymolchi."

"Dw i wedi ymolchi."

Translation:I have washed myself.

January 19, 2017



I know it's a bit of a stupid question but... If I've understood this right, "ymolchi" can function both as a reflexive and as a normal transitive? I mean, can I say "Dw i wedi ymolchi cot"? ....Thanks for bearing with me ><


No. If you are washing a coat, dog, dishes, or anything else, then it's "golchi".


To clarify, even if you wash a child in the bath it is still golchi. It is not the type of washing but whether the verb has an object (golchi) or whether 'self' is implied (ymolchi).


If I said Dw I ymolchi, would that translate as, I wash myself?


No, that is incorrectly spelt Welsh and unusual English except in certain situations such as relative clauses and in habitual constructions (which would not match the Welsh).

Dw i'n ymolchi = I am washing (myself)

Thanks to ibisc for correction.


Not quite - Dw i'n ymolchi. (I am washing myself, I am getting washed).


Diolch. Corrected.

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