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For the Germans who want to have an amazing Ancient Greek resource!

Hallo! Ich studiere Philosophie und lerne momentan etwas Neugriechisch aber momentan vor allem Altgriechisch. Und zwar mit folgender Seite: http://www.gottwein.de/grueb/gr001.php Es ist etwas unschön strukturiert aber man kommt gut rein und es gibt viele Vokabeln und Grammatiken (zwar dicht gepackt) zu lernen!

Für den etwas leichteren Einstieg kann man Folgendes verwenden: http://www.philosophie-der-stoa.de/altgriechisch-1.php Sieht auch etwas freundlicher aus :)

Viel Erfolg damit! Καλὰ δένδρα φέρει καλοὺς καρπούς καὶ ὁ χρόνος ἀγαθὸς ἰατρός. :D

January 19, 2017



Hi. I'm a Greek (born/raised). But the Ancient Greek is even hard for us modern Greeks, even though we studied them around 5 years in high school (grades 7 up to 11). But in order to help you with your Ancient Greek here a few modern Greek resources: http://linguaholic.com/topic/2039-the-greek-alphabet/ http://www.livinglanguage.com/content/downloads/Greek.pdf http://www.surfacelanguages.com/language/Greek.html http://www.omniglot.com/links/greek.htm http://www.freelang.net/online/koine_greek.php?lg=gb http://www.parleremo.org/viewcatalog.php?catlang=ell http://rawlangs.com/2013/04/23/ten-ways-to-learn-greek-for-free/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Greek_and_Latin_roots_in_English/A%E2%80%93G http://blogs.transparent.com/greek/the-100-most-common-words-in-greek/ Studying those first, makes it easier to shift to Ancient Greek later, with nice sites like this. http://www.lonweb.org/links/link-ancient%20greek.htm About philosophy now, in my opinion the real continuation of Ancient Greek philosophy and architecture, are the Italians in 16th century Renaissance, also the British in 17th and 18th century and the also Germans in 19th century, plus the neo-Romantic Movement. Those folks thankfully kept up with the spirit of Ancient Greeks. We modern Greeks "screwed up" things a bit, but ok we can try for the best. But it's not easy dwelling in the Mediterranean which is a very unstable area politically. Greetings to all my German friends !! Tschuss aus Griechenland !!


Hey, thank you very much! These tips are fantastic!


Ganz toll, was du geschrieben hast und ich habe alles verstanden.

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