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  5. "Is bean mé agus is fear é."

"Is bean agus is fear é."

Translation:I am a woman and he is a man.

January 20, 2017



what is the difference between é and sé


é is generally the 'object' form (corresponding to 'him'), but it's needed here becuase of the rules of is


What is the difference between "bean" and "bhean". Why do we say : "Is bean mé agus is fear é" but we also say : "Is fear é agus is bhean i"


You don't say Is fear é agus is bhean i. It's Is fear é agus is bean i.

bean is a feminine noun, and feminine nouns are lenited after the singular definite article an (in the nominative case) - an fear agus an bhean.


Hi guys how do you say irish in irish?

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