"Eu citesc ziarul."

Translation:I read the newspaper.

January 20, 2017

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Cudos to Romanian for giving me a good laugh so early on in the process of learning it :) The Slovenian word for "to read" is "čitati". It felt funny to understand the sentence without really knowing the word. It gave me a similar feeling, as Esperanto did when I started learning it.


That word was borrowed from Ukrainian. The Slavic lexicon is very wide one in Romanian.


A pronunciation question - I hear a slight vowel sound between "citesc" and "ziarul". Is that typical between two hard consonants?

Thomas_Slo, I enjoyed that coincidence, too - "a citi" having a shared root with "читать". When exploring a new language, it's always nice to find a familiar cognate to mark the trail.


This palatization of di > zi in ziar is a little confusing and probably it's well to note it for beginners like me. In other Romanian varieties, e.g. Arumanian, the corresponding sound change is di > dz, which is easier to comprehend for speakers of other Indo-European languages /cf. Arum. Buna dzua vs Rom. Buna ziua vs VulgLat "Bona dies"/


Eu Citesca or eu citesc. Pronunciation sounds like citesca but its written here eu citesc. Which is true ?


eu citesc sau eu citesc


citesc (ro) - čitati (srb) - to read (eng) Interesting.

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