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  5. "Eu citesc ziarul."

"Eu citesc ziarul."

Translation:I read the newspaper.

January 20, 2017



A pronunciation question - I hear a slight vowel sound between "citesc" and "ziarul". Is that typical between two hard consonants?

Thomas_Slo, I enjoyed that coincidence, too - "a citi" having a shared root with "читать". When exploring a new language, it's always nice to find a familiar cognate to mark the trail.


This palatization of di > zi in ziar is a little confusing and probably it's well to note it for beginners like me. In other Romanian varieties, e.g. Arumanian, the corresponding sound change is di > dz, which is easier to comprehend for speakers of other Indo-European languages /cf. Arum. Buna dzua vs Rom. Buna ziua vs VulgLat "Bona dies"/


Cudos to Romanian for giving me a good laugh so early on in the process of learning it :) The Slovenian word for "to read" is "čitati". It felt funny to understand the sentence without really knowing the word. It gave me a similar feeling, as Esperanto did when I started learning it.


That word was borrowed from Ukrainian. The Slavic lexicon is very wide one in Romanian.


Eu Citesca or eu citesc. Pronunciation sounds like citesca but its written here eu citesc. Which is true ?


eu citesc sau eu citesc

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