"Nu e bine să întârziem la serviciu!"

Translation:It is not good to be late at the job!

January 20, 2017

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It's very unnatural to say "to be late at the job" in English, in pretty much any dialect. The most natural way to say it would be "to be late for work". These translations should have been proofread by a bilingual or native speaker of English.


At least its still correct to say that. I mean it may not be the most.... at all normal way to say it, but anyone that reads it would know what they meant. I think its fine, but only annoying when the translation you put in doesn't work because of it.


My translation: "It is not good to be late to work" accepted per DL (12/24/2017).


The English in Duolingo gets curiouser and curiouser!


The English translation (“to be late”) is impersonal or general. Doesn't the Romanian verb (întârziem) form refer to the first person in plural (“we”)? If not, which form is it?

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Actually, the sentence can mean both things depending on the context: it can be either particular (it is not good FOR US to be late) or general (it is not good to be late in general).


It is far more common to hear: "...late for work"


I wanted to say something similar. I keep getting wrong answers as a native english person i know are not entirely correct. Or the person translating it speaks English as a second language. Romanian person no doubt. Love Romanians but doesnt mean they can all translate to english properly.


I don't see why poftim thinks it is perhaps unkind or unfair to "force" the little dears learning English to use English English. Why not teach them the correct usage and they can go to USA and speak their American English (Pittsburgh based) in America or elsewhere where they use that sort of English. Just because it is an American company which hosts this site doesn't mean that their version of English should always take precedence.


Late at the job is american english. Too many romanians have learned US english. Is not correct so it should not be used for translation. Is like trying to teach romanian by speaking italian or latin. Nu bun


As a native speaker of British English who teaches my mother tongue in Romania, I disagree. US English is no better or worse than any other form of English. I never try to force my students to use British English if they feel more comfortable with the American version (which, thanks to all the films, music and games, they often do).


Sirry, as a native speaker of American English, I can't agree that "to be late AT work" is good American English. "To be late FOR work" is definitely the most common, and I have also heard "late TO work".


Duolingo is a (Pittsburgh based) US American company and gives priority to AmE. They usually accept British English but the default translations (like the one you quoted) use AmE.

You can help Duolingo by ⛿ „reporting“ alternative or wrong translations. Complaining here in the user discussion board is not likely to change anything.

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