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No access to 'comments' for each sentence in the iOS app is a huge learning disadvantage

I have found being able to read the 'discussion/comments' attached locally to each sentence (in the web version of DuoLingo) to be absolutely invaluable. There are contributions from some very expert native speakers in answering questions of grammar, explaining typical learner errors, as well as explaining/correcting context and 'feel' in usual everyday usage.

It is highly frustrating, therefore, that access to this discussion in the iPad and iPhone version of Duolingo is not available. It greatly reduces the quality of the learning experience. (I have only had experience with the German from English module.)

I do wonder if this might also account for some of the adverse criticism of Duolingo I have read in various reviews, as well as the tendency of beginners, who have only accessed Duolingo via their iOS app, to drop out near the halfway point of the tree where things become more complex grammatically.

At the moment, I am relegated to using the web version of DuoLingo on the iPad with a web browser, specifically to access these important comments/discussion. It makes for a very slow, frustrating and even an anxious experience - the web interface does not function well on the iPad and at times crashes the browser unexpectedly, causing progress and credit made in that unit to be lost.

Please, is there any urgent intention by the developers to add access to the "comments/discussion for each sentence" in the iOS app?

March 1, 2014



Hi there! It's great to hear that you're interested in this. It is something we're working on for iOS. We will keep you posted on the timing of that :)


Five years and still nothing? I use DuoLingo every day, and often encounter questions I’d like to put my two cents in on the sentence, but can only read those of others..


Just use the web version on your phone. I think Apple doesn't let them link to the forums from the app.


It’s just frustrating to have to do so. And nonsense on the forum link. It wouldn’t be a restriction from Apple. Forums are web documents. The more likely issue is that the system they use doesn’t have an API, and/or DuoLingo developers won’t write an API to interface with it from iOS


Actually I’ve recently noticed there finally are comments section on iOS app.


I see comments and can vote on them from the app, I just can't write any of my own or respond to anyone. I have to look up the sentence on a browser and see if it shows up if I have a question or want to answer one.


Thank you kristinemc. I very much appreciate your response to this discussion. The addition of 'discussion' to the iOS app will be wonderful and very much welcomed. Thank you DuoLingo team, I am very pleased with the progressive stepped guidance DuoLingo is giving me in learning to speak German. I started essentially as a complete beginner a month ago and so far made it to the German tree halfway point. I am delighted and surprised! Thank you!


Hi, I've actually stopped using the iOS app for new lessons, because understanding sentences is important to the learning process. I use the app for skills strengthening because it is a faster and better experience. , so it's a shame I cannot use the app for both exercises. Is this feature still in the pipeline?


I remember clearly when I first started using duolingo mobile app I was able to access discussion, however, it was canceled in later versions for no good reason


and 2 years late... where is the update ?


Maybe you can just allow for viewing 'comments' on iOS. Seems like that would be very useful and not nearly as complicated as a full implementation of adding/editing comments with up/down voting.

My iOS friends are really missing out on the great content in the 'comments' section.


Any progress on this?

It's a major issue as far as I'm concerned.


Not inly has the iOS app not been updated but now iOS browser version has no comments too. So much for keeping us posted...


For some reason i remember seeing the comments before i updated the iphone version. I am not sure if it stopped after i upgraded from iOS 7 to 8 or from 8 to 9. Or maybe it was when I upgraded the version of Duolingo to the one with more than one voice... I preffered to have the comments than the multiple voices option


3 years later and still nothing...


It's crazy that android has it but not iOS. Can't take 3 years to figure out!


4 years huh? Four years is enough time to take any random person IN THE PLANET and turn him/her into a developer that could have done this, and yet we've got nothing...maybe this kristinemc doesn't even work for Duolingo anymore, and we are still waiting


Ha ha ha I laughed with this one, funny, I hear you, here we are, hanging like monkeys on a tree, my arms are killing me, somebody come to save us, at least gives us an apple or something, oh yeah, i just remembered, the apple is the problem, gives us a banana or something lol


As far as I know the developers are working on making the comments accessible on iOS as well. However different features take different amounts of time to be developed on different platforms. So while somethings might already be available on android it might come to the iPhone later and vice versa. Also, the homepage has been around by far the longest. So it is the furthest developed in terms of features.

Just have a bit of patience - I am sure discussions will be on the iPhone soon as well.

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I can't wait for the iOS versions to report and discuss. I don't really report that much, but I like to read the discussions.

That being said, I encountered several potential errors in translations on the iOS version (last 1/3 of the Spanish tree). Killing me ;)


I know that feeling!!!!

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Yeah, hearts lost with spelling (my thing), and the final with a stupid translation. Killer... ;)


Spelling - my thing too. Or translating "this" el/la or "este/esta" with "that" …. because reading is really hard!

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Total killers. Listening to any Spanish words with a "ll" (lluvia) or a "j" (dejar) close to impossible with that engine.

But still you managed to get to levels 17 (Fr, Es).


A little patience?!!? It has been three years since they promised! Now, with the Chinese course, there are many, many grammatical mistakes and errors in the lessons but I simply cannot check anywhere or to ask questions. And as far as the laptop version is concerned, learning a language that does not use English fonts is very inconvenient because you cannot switch from the English keyboard to, say, Greek or Chinese!


Lol patience... It's now 3 years since your comment


And yet another year. How are they so unresponsive to such a relatively simple, universally desired/needed, and exceptionally useful & important tool request (ability to participate in lesson chats from the iOS app)?! Come on Duolingo this is getting ridiculous AGHHHH


Any word on this? It's killing me. Why, God?! Why?!


It is one year later and its still not here


And another year


There is an important feature i feel is missing on the IOS and android versions. On the PC you can read the grammar, see conjunction charts etc. and get very important information when you click on a unit. I wish the apps had this as it would mean that i would not have to boot up my PC every time i wanted to see if the program gave any helpful language info.


Yep. I love the app, and depending on my schedule a third or half the time I'm doing lessons on Duolingo, it's through the app version. But I also find this problematic as an advanced learner. Even if I don't have questions myself, I like to look at the comments for additional insights or provide explanations to users who have questions. It's also frustrating when to see a sentence while using the app that should be reported by have no way to do so.


I totally agree with this comment. There are many times I would love to report an issue, but cannot because I am using my iOS device. Very frustrating.


Still speaking of Ipad, I'd love if there were more offline lessons and tests (apart from the two or three available). It would be really nice if we could use Duolingo more on planes, trains, etc... when there's no internet available.


I agree with this 100%. You should make another thread and post this there too, to gain more attention from Duolingo and its users. :) Good luck.


With 136 people having clicked on "up" for this comment, maybe it's time (after 2 years!) that Duo did something. Love the app, but this really is inexplicable!


I would say the comments make up about 50% of the learning process. It's shame such an indispensable feature has not yet been implemented.


where does the comment function go??


Duolingo is useless for all intents and purposes if I can't see the comments section and thereby recognize the correct interpretations from capable users. I'm deleting this waste of space until further notice, and I recommend you do the same. It's the only way they'll ever learn, even though it's pretty clear this is not one of their priorities. Plenty of other language learning platforms exist these days anyway. Goodbye Duo! For now, at least.


I just switch to iPhone from android and I am dying without having access to comments on each question.


You can get the comments and class notes by using the web version at www.duolingo.com ... now you don't even need to do "desktop mode".


Just chiming in, in 2019, to agree with everyone else and let the Duolingo team know we'd really like it if they could find a way to let us comment in discussion threads in the iOS version. Thanks to those who pointed out that this may be due to an a restriction Apple puts in place. Duo team, we are really hoping you can figure it out eventually! Perhaps in the meantime there could be a link directly to the mobile web version of each question's discussion from the iOS app for those who want to comment. I don't know whether that would be more work or less… Just a thought! Working on the web version is nicer, of course, but a lot of us have more opportunities to use Duolingo on a phone. That's why we have the app in the first place.


Yes come on Duolingo, please make a comment about this!!!


I totally agree with this! I have also written two reviews in the iOS app store, and sent an email of feedback to Duolingo. I hope they implement that :)


Agreed, it is a huge learning disadvantage, it the first basics i did think much of it, by now being in the food category i think this would be eccellente.


Any update on this?


I'm absolutely perplexed that this vital feature still doesn't exist in the iPhone version.

It doesn't need to be fancy: a quick-n-dirty hack would just be a link to the question discussion page. Doesn't need login or anything. They're publicly visible.


Still, really? I was going to buy an iPhone but this is a deal breaker.


There's now also a problem with the updated Android app. You can still see the comments and add your own at the end, But you don't seem to be able to reply directly to other people's comments as you could in the past. It just comes up with a "Try later" message.


2 years late... and where is the update ???????????????


I am also joining the discussion to remind that the "discussion/comment" option is still not available for I-phones (it was working on Samsung). I would be grateful for the Duolingo developers to comment on this issue and expected time to find the solution. (I have read an advice to use PC, but I use my long travel time in public transport to do Duolingo lessons)


Did not realize how bad iOS was off, I'm an Android user and Duolingo has had the discussion section available to us for a while, it is super helpful. But now itS gone. Does anyone know something about this?


It better be a temporary glitch! That link is the most useful tool of duolingo!


I really, really hope so. Amungst everything else I have to get done in a day, it's pretty difficult to find a computer to sit down and commit some time. My phone on the other hand is always with me, so if I have 5 minutes to spare, I do a lesson. But without access to the chat session, when I make a mistake, I simply have no idea where I have gone wrong. If I don't understand, I won't learn, and using this app becomes a frustrating, waste of time.


I agree with you the phone app it's so easy to use. There are so many questions on almost every sentences I can see. The sentence comments is a must have !

Je suis d’accord avec toi l’application du téléphone est très facile à utiliser. Il y a tellement de questions (que je me pose) sur quasi toutes les phrases que je vois. La section des commentaires des phrases est une fonction obligatoire ! (just some french for the study ! Yeah I'm french ! ;) )


I see the Discussions link is missing on BOTH the Android App and the Mobile web site, but excitingly it is still there on the non-mobile web version. Odd that it's missing from the mobile site.


Yeah I'm on Android too, and no comments on sentences… but didn't check the mobile web site out. There must be a bug somewhere… Wait and see. And if I remember well it happens at the last update version 3.39.2, yet I tried to reinstall the previous version 3.39.1 (thanks to apkmirror) but nothing changed, still no access to the comments on sentences.


How do you switch between the mobile and non-mobile websites? I thought this might be a solution on the i-pad, but the website (I don't know which it is) just crashes whenever I try Duolingo.


Petervuiz ... most browsers have a mode to "request desktop site" but also the Duolingo mobile site has a menu on the top right where there's an icon of three horizontal Lines. If you click on that, one of the menu options is "desktop site"


(No Reply option below your recent comment) Thanks, but the question was not how to access the non-mobile site, which doesn't work on my iPad, but how to access the mobile site. If I search duolingo, Google doesn't suggest mobile and web, just Duolingo.com, which if I can stop it opening the application, gives me A Duo site which I suppose is the non-mobile, but constantly reloads pages or just crashes if I try to do something.


Sounds tricky :-(


I'm checking the sentence comments on most of the sentences, as well as commenting sometimes. It's necessary to have it in order to learn correctly, especially for hard languages as Russian, even more useful for a french like me who never use cases in his lifetime…


Apparently it's temporary as it's not the first time it happens https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17609209

And it's slowy comming back last update was on the 20/01/2017 https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20334721$comment_id=20341060


Thank you so much for this comment ! I was starting to think my account had a problem. Hope it's temporary…


3 Years now! Anyone Listening?


I got back on Duo after a break to find the comments section gone. Really disappointing!!


Gone? It's never been there on the apps and always been on the website


Access to sentence discussions has been around on the Android app for quite a while as far as I know. But no access to the lesson notes.

The iOS app has neither.


DesertGlass thanks for the reply however the comments was for sure on the app. At that time I was using a Samsung Note and have since started using an Iphone. This may be the problem.


Sorry I must have been half asleep and thinking about the class notes. Oops :-( When fully awake I know for certain that Android has comments and iPhone has never had it.

To make up for this: I've been informed by a knowledgeable friend of mine that this omission in the iOS app is likely to be not an oversight but the result of extremely strict rules that Apple place on features used in iOS apps, ie "you can't have a discussion forum unless you do it in this specific way"

Luckily you can still access the website version from iOS devices (it's a little more fiddly getting there than from Android)


The duolingo app is rated for ages 4+ in the app store. I suspect they would have to fully moderate the comment section if they wanted to keep their 4+ rating and have comments.

I am going to unfollow this discussion because it is clear this isn't ever going to happen unless ios changes (hint it won't)

[deactivated user]

    Thank you for most likely explaining why they don't have the discussion on iPhone.


    Just switched from Android to Iphone and not been able to access the comments of the questions is a deal breaker for me. Just lost my almost 300 days streak because I just stopped learning. When I get an answer wrong and read the comments to understand why is the real moment where I LEARN. I use the app and if I have to search at google or something for an explanation every time, it would be really a bummer. I will probably leave duoling after 2 years because of that.


    both Iphones and Android can access the web version (mobile) and that looks just like the app except it has "discussion" comments and the "class notes" on each skill


    Has Duolingo given a recent status update since four years ago?

    Extremely frustrating and as a plus user to not have this option available for iOS users is inexcusable. There are many comments that are incorrect in French and Romanian modules that users don’t understand why their responses were rejected. It would be extremely helpful as a learning tool to be able to make comments within modules using the app. Not only to assist others but to ask questions and participate in the discussion. One can still only like other users comments.

    Very upsetting as the majority of my learning is done through the app. I create my own conjugation tables for both languages as aids in the memorization/learning process. One cannot get the full experience without much hassle.

    As many have said even if use an iPad and log in through the browser, Duolingo crashes mid lesson and can’t complete lessons one had almost completed. In addition, many times one is on their own to figure out the reasoning behind grammatical usage for this reason.

    Many other language sites make finding explanations much easier. A simple Google search at times is more useful than trying to have the app and web interface running simultaneously.

    Please give a recent update. I don’t know if will renew Plus again as the benefits don’t outweigh the cost.


    I'm a software engineer and this is ridiculous that it is this hard. Doesn't Duolingo have a common backend with access to some API providing these comment/discussion threads on any lesson? Did all the iOS developers just get fired or something before they could provide that function to the application? Although I'm sitting pretty in my Android app, my poor dumb wife with her fancy flashy iPhone still cannot access this really obvious and basic feature.


    I've been told by several software folks that it's not a question of technology, but that Apple have lots of restrictions around what apps are allowed to do, especially around connecting to forums. Android doesn't have those restrictions.


    I see a lot of reactions that the comment section is not available on IOS. I have the latest IOS version (13.2.3) and I do see the comments, I cannot react. And yes, they are aften very usefull and teach you a lot.

    So on IOS, read, YES, Write, NO


    5 years and still nothing... Sorry soldier. All us users can do is still have faith of getting the developers to enable commenting on the discussion tab on iOS :)


    I appreciate the free app, and I’ve learned a lot from it- thank you. I too would like to chime in.

    I use the iOS app exclusively: thank you for adding the dialogue and other features. I’ve been waiting a while, but I’d really like to post comments in the comment section.

    Thank you

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