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"C'est parfois dur d'être gentille."

February 19, 2013



Can anyone hear the difference between gentil and gentille - and would gentil in theory be correct as well?

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The audio is correct, and the word "gentille" (feminine) is pronounced, so "gentil" (masculine) cannot be accepted.

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There is no audio. So in the absence of audio, please explain why "gentil" is incorrect.

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In the challenge where we ask you to translate "Sometimes it is hard to be nice" from English to French, both "gentil" (masc.) and "gentille" (fem.) are accepted.

In the challenge where we ask you to "listen and type in French", there should be audio, and which pronounces "gentille" (sounds like "-ye"), not "gentil" (sounds like "genti-").


what about when it asks you for the best one between gentil and gentille from a menu and it gives you no spoken recording. why is it gentille? il est parfois difficile d'etre gentil, is how i would normally write this sentence, so why does changing "il" to "c'est" make it feminine?

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We accept the following translations:

  • C'est parfois dur d'être gentil.
  • C'est parfois dur d'être gentille.
  • Il est parfois dur d'être gentil.
  • Il est parfois dur d'être gentille.

Saying "il est" or "c'est" is the same, and has no consequence on the gender of the adjective.


that makes sense, then it is the site that made an error as it didn't accept "C'est parfois dur d'être gentil", as it said it should be "gentille "


I've read everyone's comments so far, & where we are relying on the audio, I think the quality is really not good enough to distinguish between the masculine & feminine forms of "Gentil"; both should be accepted, or the sentence should be changed to be clearer that it has to be the feminine.

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