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  5. "Me conviene."

"Me conviene."

Translation:It suits me.

February 19, 2013



It convenes me :)


Not "It is convenient to me"?


That sounds better in English because we don't often use the verb convene in the sense that we derive words like convenient/ce. But what I said is a more accurate -literal- translation, even if that usage of the verb is rare in English.


"convene" IS used, but with the completely different meaning of 'coming together' (for a meeting, as in "convention"). The OED does say its origin is "late Middle English: from Latin convenire 'assemble, agree, fit', from con- 'together' + venire 'come'", but I don't think it's a valid translation for 'conviene' anymore.


I'd agree as that is the common usage of convene in modern days (in my last post you'll see I said it's not used in the sense of convenience) but at the same time I'd like to think that words can and should still be used for older purposes when derived words are still used for the same sort of meaning, i.e. "convene" with "convenient/ce".

Remember, language isn't static, unless we let the dictionary bureaucrats tell us how to talk :)


Very true, that's an important point to keep in mind. Though I still think it's not particularly helpful to use a word with a completely different meaning from what it usually is...


I went for "Suits me." (which was not accepted) ... Is that too casual from an english perspective or should it be ok?


I put "suits me" too - seems like a commonly used phrase that should fit.


i believe it is more common to say "interests"( there may be several advantages) but i was marked wrong. harrumph!


I also think "interests" should be acceptable here.


So fans of "The Fast Show" could say : "te conviene, senor! Ella lo quiera?! oooh! te conviene, senor!". Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

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