"O muncă grea."

Translation:A hard work.

January 20, 2017


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"A hard work." isn't English. "Work" is not a countable noun. "A hard job" was also accepted. "A tough job" would be another possibility.

January 20, 2017



February 26, 2017


me too

January 17, 2019


Also acceptable would be just "Hard work" or "Some hard work".

"Work" is countable in other senses, such as works of art, but it's obvious such senses are not intended here.

October 18, 2018


difficult job? no takers?

January 24, 2017


So is "muncă" the same thing as "slujba"? What is the difference between them?

April 9, 2017


Apparently "slujba" is the workplace and "munca" is the actual work.

April 10, 2017


Thank you

June 9, 2018


Are these questions purposely confusing sometimes to test our true comprehension of the language? I was uncertain if it was really asking me to type ”a hard work”.

July 20, 2017


No it's usually that some questions in some courses are made by people who are really only very proficient in one of the languages and not so much in the other. Apparently they don't have contributors proficient in each language looking out for this because it's pretty common in Duolingo.

October 18, 2018


Is a Romanian keyboard mandatory because my keyboard does not have ă and typing a is not correct for this word i had no problems until now

May 28, 2017


Generally I don't type the proper accents either as I am too lazy and normally it is okay.

The problem here of course is that 'muncă' is 'work' and 'munca' is 'the work', so it becomes a grammar error, not just a spelling error.

If you are on the website then the accented vowels and consonants should appear on the screen near the typing field for easy access. If you are using the app on a phone/tablet you can very quickly install a Romanian keyboard which gives you access to these letters at the touch of button.

May 29, 2017


Android has available the romanian keyboard... You just need to set it up in keyboard settings...

July 13, 2017


YEA : ) I've just found out by mistake yesterday : )

July 23, 2017


but Romanian is not available in mobile app yet (cause of beta?)

May 29, 2017


Right you are. I was thinking about Russian and Ukrainian (which I find infinitely more convenient on mobile devices because of the quick keyboard switching - even though the grammar explanations present on the website haven't made it to the apps yet)

May 31, 2017


JUST THIS WEEK the grammar explanations have finally appeared on my mobile app. It has been a long time coming.

October 22, 2018


hm, I don't see them : /

October 23, 2018


If you haven't seen yet btw, Romanian is now on the app

July 22, 2017


You can use a web browser on a phone or tablet to browse to the Duolingo website, that works fine for Romanian, with easy keyboard switching :)

July 11, 2017


I do not know if you have it available already, but I had to copy the internet adress of the Duolingo on Chrome... you go to the settings, select the option to send the Duolingo's main page to the main screen on the phone, and you will be have a Duolingo's icon on your screen... that's the way I practice romanian in beta... because with that option, you use de desktop version, but, going directly to the Duolingo's webpage (it's like if you use your mobile app).

July 24, 2017


If you use the Android app, using a keyboard like SwiftKey will let you use multiple languages on one keyboard. For example, I have Danish, English, Romanian and German on Danish QWERTY but with all four languages supported and auto-detected for autocorrect.

On PC I also have Danish keyboard layout, but I took a sheet of envelope stickers and wrote the Romanian letters with diacritics as well as the most common symbols and stuck them on the corresponding keys after consulting with an image of Romanian keyboard layout. The letters and symbols I have are:

ă î ș ț â / ? ( ) - =

Those get 99% of tasks done for me, whatever I need to do in Romanian practice.

July 22, 2017


you don't need it in general, I do without Romanian "dinks" and it's ok

May 29, 2017


Bad english. Should be:- A hard job

May 15, 2019
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