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Japanese Lessons: Introducing yourself (to new people)

I realize that I have not yet made a lesson on how to actually introduce yourself in Japanese, which is one of the most important things you can do.

A common introduction may look like this. Let's say that the person's name is Misaki Yamaguchi, and she's a 19 year old college student.


yamaguchi san: hajimemashite! watashi wa yamaguchi misaki desu. watashi wa jyuu-kyuu sai no daigakusei desu. Nihon/⊛nippon kara kimashita. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Miss Yamaguchi: Nice to meet you! I'm Misaki Yamaguchi. I'm a 19 year old college student. I came from Japan. Let's get along/Please treat me kindly

⊛There are two ways to say 'Japan'. Nihon and nippon are both commonly used.

It is not necessary to use 'watashi' as often as I did, but to a learner it makes the most sense to read (in my opinion of course. To each their own).

Vocabulary breakdown

はじめまして hajimemashite- the standard 'nice to meet you', literally means 'for the first time'

私は___です *watashi wa _ desu*- I am/my name is __

私は___歳です *watashi wa _ sai desu*- I'm years old

Not everyone is a college student however, so to say your grade or occupation, there is another list of vocabulary below.

学生(がくせい)gakusei- Student

小学生(しょうがくせい)shougakusei- Elementary school student

中学生(ちゅうがくせい)chuugakusei- Middle school student

高校生(こうこうせい)koukousei- High school student

大学生(だいがくせい)daigakusei- College student

先生(せんせい)sensei- Teacher

医者(いしゃ)isha- Doctor

弁護士(べんごし)bengoshi- Lawyer

To say 'my name is', you can also way 私の名前は___です *watashi no namae wa desu*, which literally means 'my name is _'.

To say your age, you simply say 私は___歳ですwatashi wa ___ sai desu

Below, I have the sai included with the number, so don't accidentally say it twice.

13歳 jyuu-san sai- 13 years old

14歳 jyuu-yon sai- 14 years old

15歳 jyuu-go sai- 15 years old

16歳 jyuu-roku sai- 16 years old

17歳 jyuu-nana sai- 17 years old

18歳 jyuu-hassai- 18 years old

19歳 jyuu-kyuu sai- 19 years old

20歳 ni jyussai- 20 years old

21歳 ni jyuu-ichi sai- 21 years old

22歳 ni jyuu-ni sai- 22 years old

To say where you're from, you simply put you country name followed by から来ました kara kimashita

List of countries

日本 (にほん/日本) nihon/nippon- Japan

中国(ちゅうごく)chuugoku- China

韓国(かんこく)kankoku- South Korea

アメリカ amerika- America

イギリス igirisu- England

オーストラリア oosutoraria- Australia

ベトナム betonamu- Vietnam

フランス furansu- France

ドイツ doitsu- Germany

イタリア itaria- Italy

ロシア roshia- Russia

To say something alone the lines of you're french or american, you simply put 人 jin at the end of the country

アメリカ人 amerikajin- American

ドイツ人 doitsujin- German

韓国人 kankokujin- Korean

Using this you should be able to provide a self-introduction (or 自己紹介 jiko shoukai) and state your name, age, occupation, and where you're from. You can try it in the comments if you would like to, whether or not you use roman letters or Japanese script it's up to you. I hope you found this helpful.

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January 20, 2017



this is great! thanks so much ♥

January 20, 2017



January 20, 2017



January 21, 2017



January 21, 2017


Hi I'm interested in Japanese and would like to learn it some time could anyone learn 2 language's at the same time?

January 20, 2017


Absolutely. You can learn more than 2 as well, depending on how dedicated you are.

January 21, 2017



January 21, 2017


Isn't 二十歳 generally pronounced ハタチ (hatachi)? I'm just wondering because it's what my Japanese professors always taught me. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these lessons!!

June 16, 2017


That's actually correct. I learned that after I wrote this lesson, I didn't think people were still looking through these. Thank you for pointing it out!

June 17, 2017


I thought that in Japanese they don’t use the subject much, but you are having people say watashi wa over and over again. Doesn’t that sound a bit egocentric to them? Also, I just learned “Tanaka toiimasu” to introduce oneself and you did not include that nor which introduction is used when, in Japanese?

June 7, 2018
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