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"Я пам'ятаю про ваш день народження."

Translation:I remember about your birthday.

January 20, 2017



This is simple. You just ignore the word "про" and translate to: I remember your birthday. "Remember about" is a hopeless direct translation word for word.


"I remember your birthday" can mean "I remember the date" or "I remember how your birthday was celebrated last time" (given context)

"I remember about your birthday" means "I remember that you have a celebration and I am invited" or "I reassure you I didn't forget that thing that I was supposed to remember" etc.

In Ukrainian it's the same, "пам'ятаю ваш день народження" VS "пам'ятаю про ваш день народження"


I agree with the answer being: "I remember your birthday". "I remember about your birthday sounds clumsy."

I think the present tense is the problem here. You can really only say "I remembered about your birthday (I did not forget about your birthday)". In the present tense, you can use "remember about" with "What do you remember about my birthday".


I agree that these phrases can mean what they mean, but the example is rarely said by native English speakers. Hardly ever would someone say this. I left a comment on a different exercise using this sentence as an alert to those learning English (from the reverse tree) that this is not a sentence anyone would actually say or hear in English.


Thank you Sagitta. I am thinking that for us native Eng. speakers this is not something we would say, but we aren't learning English, we are learning Ukrainian. And if there is a concept in Ukrainian that differs from us, we should probably pay attention. In this case, if we say, "I remembered your birthday," it would not say the same idea in Ukrainian.


I think "i remember your birthday" should also be accepted - saying "i remember about your birthday" is clumsy and unusual in english


That would be "Я пам'ятаю твій день народження" without "про"


It doesn't matter how often you say that it "would" be this or that: only a foreigner would say "remember about". It makes as much sense as saying "I remember up your birthday" or "I remember down your birthday".


"пам'ятати про" may be correct in Ukrainian, but "remember about" in English sounds stupid.

The good English is rejected: you have to enter the approved rubbish to get past this question.


Seems like an incomplete sentence to me. How about something like Я пам'ятаю багато про ваш день народження. (I remember much about your birthday.)

[deactivated user]

    That’s different.

    «Я пам'ятаю про ваш день народження» means 'I remember the date of your birthday' or 'I remember when your birthdays is'.

    «Я багато пам'ятаю про ваш день народження» (багато is generally put before the verb if something follows the verb) means 'I remember a lot of facts about your birthday'.


    So the preposition про is needed in Ukrainian, and you cannot use a direct object: Я пам'ятаю ваш день народження?


    "A question! Since before your sun burned hot in space and before your race was born I have awaited a sensible question on Duolingo..."

    I also would like to know the answer to this question.

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