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  5. "Liliecii nu sunt păsări."

"Liliecii nu sunt păsări."

Translation:The bats are not birds.

January 20, 2017



So what does this sentence mean? Is it, “(all) bats are not birds” or “those bats are not birds”? Do we use the definite article with plural nouns in Romanian to talk about all members of a group?


Yup, you should use the definite article (Liliecii) for both of those sentences in Romanian.

The Romanian sentence can thus be translated to both "(All) Bats are not birds." and "The (specific group of) bats are not birds." I think "The" is forced because the topic of this lesson is definite article for plural nouns.


This would be those bats are not birds, where as lilieci nu sunt păsări would be (all) bats are not birds


"Those bats are not birds" would be "Liliecii aceia nu sunt păsări."


Mmm... I don’t think that’s right. See Sabastian’s comment here. The first part of his comment is confusing but the conclusion is that the sentence “Lilieci nu sunt păsări” is not grammatically correct in Romanian.


As Andrei explained in another post, you don't have to type "the" in the translation because liliecii refers to all bats in existence. This sentence has the same meaning as "(all) Bats are not birds."


Why do some plurals have 2 ii on the end and others 1?


With this sentence I find the p of păsari impossible to hear, however many times I play it.

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