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  5. "Το κορίτσι βλέπει ένα άλογο."

"Το κορίτσι βλέπει ένα άλογο."

Translation:The girl sees a horse.

January 21, 2017



Hey, wondering why it is not 'η' κορίτσι instead of 'Το'? Thanks


The definite article that is used is based on the words grammatical gender, which has nothing to do with the real world gender. 'κορίτσι' is a neuter word (grammatically speaking) and thus the definite article used is the singular neuter nominative 'το'.


It's an interesting question. You'd think that κορίτσι and αγόρι would be η and ο respectively, but instead, they're το. It's actually similar in German where Mädchen is Das instead of Die. In my mind, I sort of just interpret it as children not actually being or acting like the gender that they're born with. Like an adult would see a child as a child regardless of gender, but would see a woman as a female and a man as a male. It's kinda hard to explain because when I'm speaking German, I feel like I think a bit differently, but when I'm using Greek, this is how I think.


Does βλέπω mean look, too?

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Look is better translated with κοιτάω.

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