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Let's learn Kazakh! Part 1: Alphabet

Hello! My name is Ocarina, and I am here to drop a knowledge bomb for all those who wish to learn the Kazakh language! Let's start off with the alphabet (because that's the obvious start to a language)! {Check out The Directory }

Note: Kazakh uses a modified version of the Cyrillic Alphabet.

Sidenote: Kazakh is a Turkic language, so it's related to Turkish.

Аа (sounds like the "a" in "bar")

Әә (sounds like the "a" in "cat")

Бб (sounds like the "b" in "bat")

Вв* (sounds like the "v" in "voice")

Гг (sounds like the "g" in "get" or "grant")

Ғғ (sounds like a guttural "g") [or the French "r" in "Paris"]

Дд (sounds like the "d" in "day")

Ее (sounds like the "ye" in "yell")

Ёё* (sounds like the "yo" in "yo-yo")

Жж (sounds like the "s" in "pleasure")

Зз (sounds like the "z" in "zoo")

Ии (sounds like the "e" in "Bee")

Йй (sounds like the "y" in "boy)

Кк (sounds like the "k" in "kick")

Ққ (No English equivalent, but sounds like a guttural "kh")

Лл (sounds like the "l" in "let")

Мм (sounds like the "m" in "mask")

Нн (sounds like the "n" in "not")

Ңң (sounds like the "ng" in "song")

Оо (sounds like the "o" in "port")

Өө (sounds like the "w" in "water")

Пп (like the "P" in "park")

Рр (like the "r" in "rollercoaster", and it's a rolled "r" btw)

Сс (like the "s" in "sport")

Тт (like the "t" in "tie")

Уу (like the "oo" in "boot" or "soon")

Ұұ (like the "u" in "bull")

Үү (like the "u" in "tune")

Фф* (like the "f" in "five")

Хх (like the German "ch" in "Bach")

Һһ^ (like the "h" in "hotel")

Цц (like the "ts" in "cats")

Чч* (Like the "ch" in "cheese" or "chair")

Шш (like the "sh" in "shorts")

Щщ* (like the "shch" in "rash choice" or "fresh cheese")

Ъъ* (indicates a hardening of the consonant preceding it)

Ыы (like the "uh" in "duh")

Іі (like the "i" in "in")

Ьь* (indicates a softening of the consonant preceding it)

Ээ* (like the "e" in "egg" or "bet")

Юю* (like the "yu" in "you" or "Yuri")

Яя* (like the "ya" in "yard")

^ = rarely used * = only used in words borrowed from Russian

That's the alphabet (please read the markers next to it, signified above)! If you want me to continue this, leave a comment! Сау болыңыз (Goodbye!)

January 21, 2017



Awesome! Thank you! Kazakh has piqued my interest for awhile now...


Мархабат (You're welcome)! If you want to see Part 2 come out, it'll probably be up tomorrow, if people want it!


If anyone wants some sample text, here is some (I don't expect you to get it on the first try, but go for it)!

Барлық адамдар тумасынан азат және қадір-қасиеті мен құқықтары тең болып дүниеге келеді. Адамдарға ақыл-парасат, ар-ождан берілген, сондықтан олар бір-бірімен туыстық, бауырмалдық қарым-қатынас жасаулары тиіс.

Or, in English...

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.



Thanks! You should make a Directory!


I'll make a directory, thanks for the idea!



I would love to see a part 2! This an amazing language, I only wish It could be on duolingo as a course.


Oh, I just saw you uploaded a part 2. Thank you!


This is really interesting. I didn't know know Kazakh was a turkic language. I look forward to the next lesson.


It might be a good idea to also provide a Latin transcription since Kazakhstan is supposed to eventually switch to the Latin alphabet. Interesting language though.

Isn't Ққ usually transcribed as q though? It's the same sound as Arabic ق


Essentially, yes. When we get to words, I will use "q" as "Қ" when I do romanizations of the original words in Cyrillic. Thanks for your comment!



Are you a native Kazakh speaker? Because you described "ө", "ұ", "ү"... I mean they are not similar.


There is no 'Ьь' in Kazakh language.


thanks! I'm kazakh btw

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