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Let's Learn Kazakh! Part 2: Pronouns

Hey everyone, it's Ocarina, back again with more "Let's Learn Kazakh"! In this lesson, we will be learning pronouns and such, as the title says. Let's get right into it! (Practice saying these out loud)! {By the way, view The Directory here}

Note: The order goes as such: English, Kazakh, Romanization

I - Мен [Men]

You (informal) - Сен [Sen]

You (formal) - Сіз [Siz]

He/She/It - Ол [Ol]

We - Біз [Biz]

You (plural informal) - Сендер [Sender]

You (plural formal) - Сіздер [Sizder]

They - Олар [Olar]

Pretty simple, isn't it? That's all for this little tidbit of a lesson, so I hope you learned something, and I will see you all next time!


Sidenote: I am not a native Kazakh speaker, if you're wondering

January 21, 2017



Is there also informal and formal singular you?


Oh, yes! I forgot to put formal! Sorry about that! :P



Thanks very much! But maybe you should just post one lesson a day.


It was a tiny lesson, so I decided, "Hey, why not put it up today?", and I did so. I might do 1 a day after this, I don't know ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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