"Frații mei sunt gardieni."

Translation:My brothers are guardians.

January 21, 2017

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Does "gardieni" refer to a specific type of guardian? It's not really an occupation in US English


I think the term "security guard" is a common modern concept which matches this word.


In Spanish we say "mis hermanos", meaning either "my siblings" (including at least one brother) or "my brothers". Wouldn't "frații mei" bear the same posible meanings? Mulțumesc multe in advance.


Yes, similar to Spanish and most languages of Latin origin, "frații mei" is used to describe either "my brothers" or "my siblings." Even if there is only one sister in a group of siblings, you would still refer to them as "frații mei." Only if they are a group of sisters, you would refer to them as "surorile mele."

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