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  5. "Як твоє інтерв'ю?"

"Як твоє інтерв'ю?"

Translation:How is your interview?

January 21, 2017



We don't say this in English. It should be "How was your interview?" Will report.


Usually you can't ask someone about the interview while it is going on, that's why you wouldn't say "How is your interview?".

When you ask them later, after the interview is over, you use the past tense: "How was your interview?".

Does the Ukrainian language make less of a distinction between past and present than English does?

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In such a case - yes. It's quite common in Ukrainian to ask something like that. But it's also usual not to use any verbs at all, so you cannot even guess the tence, can you?


It would typically be "how did your interview go" but dropping the "go" so I can see how they ended up with how is your interview. But ye this should be changed to "how was" or "how did it go"


I agree with others here: this question makes no sense as expressed here in English.


Unless you are applying for a government position, then your interview could go on for several months. Been there, done that. No fun!

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