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Hindi for English Speakers still on track for January 26th?

Just checking - I'm very excited to start the course.

Also, if it's not quite ready, I'd be more than happy to serve as a "late stage Beta tester" - because my life partner is from India, and she speaks (and reads and writes) fluent Hindi, and can advise me on any all facets of the course.

Per my progress in Spanish (very close to level 15) - I'm an enthusiastic daily user of Duolingo, and love everything about it, and I am looking very forward to learning Hindi via Duolingo.

Please advise - thanks!


January 21, 2017



Being a regular incubator visitor, I wouldn't count on the Hindi course being finished anytime soon. The contributors have been very busy (some since last year) and even though they could begin to work on it again soon, realistically I wouldn't expect the course to be out until later in the year (they're only 28% done with the course last I heard, and that was half a year ago). If they decide to do Alpha testing (offering users to do testing on the course before it's out in Beta), that could be a good opportunity. Usually they'll let others know when they're looking for Alpha testers via the incubator, and they'll tell you how to apply and what to expect since there's no official system for it. I hope this was helpful for you.


Thanks very much - good to know. I appreciate all the detail.


learn the letters and their pronunciation before joining duolingo.


Thanks - good advice. I more or less have the pronunciation down, but certainly don't have the letters memorized - especially when written as words, with vowel marks, etc.


Great advice by joshi2dec , it's really good to hear that you are excited to learn Hindi , I wish you all the best ! :) I agree with dragon polyglot ,it's very unlikely that the course will be up anytime soon.

Since you are already quite proficient in your pronunciations I recommend that you do letter writing practice while pronouncing the sounds of the respective letters, this will help your brain to make the necessary letter-sound associations. There will be no need for any memorization after that and everything will come very naturally.

I suggest that you do the practice worksheets on this website(http://www.hindigym.com/free-worksheets.html).

Start with 'Hindi letters' and then do 'Hindi vowels' , then 'Hindi matras'. These worksheets will help you learn some basic words you will learn how to write matras and letters in words.Don't be intimidated, the worksheets are really simple and easy and if you have any doubts or difficulties you can contact me anytime ,i'll be most happy to help. Wishing you all the best Doug ! :)


atta boy, you are learning well from me. Keep it up.


Thanks very much - I really appreciate the advice and the encouragement! As I mentioned, my partner is from India - she grew up Mumbai - so I have a direct tutor for all aspects of pronunciation, etc. The most challenging part so far is understanding words (as opposed to individual letters), per the changes when some letters are combined, vowel marks, and so on.

It will be worth the effort to be able to read Hindi "natively", though.

Thanks again!


But let me tell you that Hindi is more organized and has fewer surprises as compared to English ( or any other germanic or latin language). For example the pronunciation, in Hindi, it will be more clearly understood that why the word is pronounced in this way. Pronunciation depends on the root letter and a vowel (called "Matra" (not mantra)). It will be fun to learn Hindi. English has its own benefits - it's easy to learn, read, write.....and of course it is a global language.


Yes, thanks - I'm learning a bit about that, already. My partner often corrects my pronunciation, because it's hard to hear the vowel length ("short a, or long a?"), or the aspirate ("k or kh?") - but in writing, they're all separate letters, or vowel marks - and so, there's no question, as there would be in English.

The structure of the language is a bit different (than a European language) - but the patterns and rules seem fairly easy and consistent (more consistent than English - which is not difficult to do).

I'm really looking forward to learning Hindi - I just wish Duolingo would finish their course - because I really like Duolingo's general approach and interface.

Thanks again for your comments.


I highly doubt it


I would be surprised if it came out in 2017.


As of July 8th 2017 if the progress continues they will be done by late 2018, if they accept more contributors and start crackin' then beta will probably release late 2017


They didn't even bother to update the date anymore...


Could someone leave me a good link to the Hindi alphabet? I am interested in learning Hindi but when I try to find the alphabet I get lots of different ones. Thanks



Visit this website, the first four worksheets teach how to write letters used in hindi (consonants,vowels vowel marks). Do 'HIndi letters ', 'Hindi Vowels' ,'Hindi matras' 'Hindi numbers'.

These two videos will also help you learn some basic words and to help in your pronunciation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzgIWBY5LL4


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