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Missing comments

Is anyone else missing the comments option about each sentence? They have disappeared from my 5 language programs. Comments were helpful in correcting grammar errors.

January 21, 2017



I don't see the number of comments, but I can access it on the web version, Irish course. I don't see it on the mobile version. I believe the issue with severs' possible overload hasn't been fixed yet.


I also noticed the number of comments doesn't show on web anymore in the last week or so! And on the Android version can't access comments anymore :o


Same here. I noticed that the comments option about each sentence is missing too. Here's hoping that it will be reinstated. I am eager to find out what happened to the balena!


Yes. Though I've seen a few people claim that they have them.


Same here. I haven't been able to access the forum discussions from the app for a week or so now.


Same here. The discussion section disappeared a few days ago (Android app). Please bring it back Duo!


It also disappeared for me. I miss it a lot and I am actually thinking quitting Duo because of that. The Q&A parts of the lessons are very important for learning. And Duolingo is about learning. Has there been said anything official about this?


Luis responded in today's AMA on reddit saying it should hopefully return in the next few days.


The desktop version also doesn't show the number of comments, but I have access to them

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Same here. Disappeared on androids. Two different devices. Please fix!

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I stop visiting the duolingo app due to the missing comments, pls bring it back.


hello, same here, I thought I was alone! they are very helpful and funny, please can you fix it? Diolch!


My comments have disappeared as well a few days ago. Please fix!!! They are very helpful.


As of 10:00pm EST on 01/23/2017 the comments option is back on Italian, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. Education continues. Thank you Duo.


Confirmed. Also for Turkish.


Also for Welsh (I assume for everything except the iPhone app!) Celebrations!


the discussion window at the bottom of each page does not work


I too am missing comments option. I click on the "discussion" tab after the sentence but nothing happens.

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