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Let's Learn Kazakh! Part 3: Basic Items 1

Hey everyone, it's Ocarina, once again, and today, we are learning some Basic Items! Let's get started, shall we? {Oh, and check out The Directory for previous/future lessons!}

The order of words go as such. English, Kazakh, Romanization

(An) apple - Алма [Alma]

The man - Ер адам [Er adam]

The woman - Әйел [Äyel]

The boy - Ұл [Ul]

The girl - Қыз [Qız]

The bread - Нан [Nan]

There are some of the basic items! Practice these, because practice is perfect!


(Edit: For all those who see words that are similar to Turkish, Kazakh is related to Turkish [as a Turkic language], but has a separate history than Turkish, but they're still related, even through all that)

January 21, 2017



Cool, I'll bookmark the directory.


Kazakh seems very similar to Turkish (Alma is also Turkish for apple, while "a man" is "bir adam", and the word for girl is "kız"). I think it's interesting to see that they are vaguely similar but due to the difference in their history they use different writing systems. Anyway, I like these little lessons you've been making.


Well, as I said in lesson 1...

>Kazakh is a Turkic language, so it's related to Turkish.

Yes, they do have similar vocabulary, but some are different due to isolation, reforms, and the like. Thanks for the compliment, by the way!



No problem! Thanks for exposing others to this interesting language. :)


I see that some words are similar to Turkish but some are different. For example bread is ekmek in Turkish and the Kazakh word нан probably comes from Persian نان.

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