"Was ist dein Beruf?"

Translation:What is your profession?

February 19, 2013

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Spartans! Was ist DEIN Beruf?


Hahaha! I also immediately remembered that when reading this sentence! But shouldn't it be "Was ist EUER Beruf?", since "spartans" is plural?


The correct translation is: "Spartiaten! Was ist euer Handwerk?"


Why is HANDWERK preferable to BERUF?


Because in that time, there were no jobs and everything was made with bare hands. Also, it's the official German translation.


Sorry to be insistent, but BERUF is the word used in my German A1 book... and I would argue there were some professions (most of them unusual, I grant you that) which weren't a craft, in the sense of making something with your hands: politician, priest, vestal virgin, taster, accountant, author...

Do you still disagree?


I think you are right. However, the German translator of the 300 movie begs to differ.


I dont understand why 'what do you do' is not a correct translation for 'was ist dein Beruf'?


„What do you do?“ implies a broader choice of occupation (e.g. student) while „What is your profession?“ implies you know (or think that you know) this person has a profession and you ask what they do for a living. „What do you do?“ can mean the same thing but only with proper context, which there isn't.


That's a more open question which could include hobbies or specific tasks, but 'what do you do for a living?' would be more fitting.


You might be right, but whenever I asked or was asked this question no hobbies or other specific tasks were meant. If I want more information about hobbies, I'll ask: What is your hobby? About specific tasks I'll ask: what are you doing?


you're right. "What do you do?" is an idiom and implies work not other means of passing your time.


Is there a reason this word can't be translated as "career"?


Yes, "career" is "die Karriere", and implies what you do your whole life (places of employment, specific activities there and so on) and how it goes, more than a "profession" you may even never have a chance to practice after training for it (I know of numerous exemples).

For instance, an actor's profession is "actor". Their career is: What movies, what plays, what series did they do, what awards did they won, did they also direct, wrote books, sang, dance, etc.

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Was bist du von Beruf? That's what I was taught in school. My teacher was Bavarian.


I think my translation "what is your occupation" should be accepted. Occupation is more general, and includes professionals. How many applications ask what your profession is...it's always "what is your occupation". A doctor or a wrestler could both call themselves professionals? why so picky?


When is job Beruf and when is it Arbeit?


There is a lot of overlap between the terms in both languages, but strictly speaking

  • the Job: der Job What you're doing for a living

  • the profession: der Beruf What you learnt and trained for

  • the work: die Arbeit Whatever task or chore, professional or not


Is beruf feminine or masculine


Is it right to ans this question? "Meine beruf ist unternehmer" or "ich beruf unternehmer" ?


Can "Beruf" mean "job"?


why isn't "what is your work" correct?


What about "Was sind Sie von Beruf?" For formal occasions


'What is your job' should technically be correct, right? But maybe it's not what native english speakers would say...


My answer was correct

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