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✎ Cantonese Directory Page! ✎ ツ

Welcome to the Cantonese Directory Page!

To enlighten your days of Duo after the sorrowful announcement of Immersion, I have finally decided to create an unofficial Cantonese course! Some background information of the language:

  • No actual alphabet :)

  • Every word is one syllable :)

  • My native one :)

  • Written Cantonese is very similar to written Mandarin :)

  • More on Google :)

And here are the main topics I will cover:

  • 'Roots' of words

  • Intonation

  • Past, present, future (yes, that's all of the tenses used :)

  • Phrases, slang, general vocabulary

  • And anything else you want me to cover.

One more thing: Please follow this post to make your life easier!

Happy learning and good luck! (快樂學習和祝您好運 ! )

Word Radicals (lesson 1)

Further resources: lesson 1

Exercise: lesson 1

Basic Pronouns (lesson 2)

Further resources a): lesson 2

Further resources b): lesson 2

Exercise: lesson 2

Basic Verbs (lesson 3)

Further resources a): lesson 3

Further resources b): lesson 3

Exercise: lesson 3

Articles (lesson 4)

Further resources: lesson 4

Exercise: lesson 4

Happy New Year (special lesson 1)

Further resources: special lesson 1

Adjectives (lesson 5)

Further resources: lesson 5

Exercise: lesson 5

Adverbs (lesson 6)

Further resources a): lesson 6

Further resources b): lesson 6

Exercise: lesson 6

Review lesson 1

Conjunctions (lesson 7)

Exercise: lesson 7

Abstract Nouns (lesson 8)

Asking Questions (lesson 9)

Further resources a): lesson 9

Further resources b): lesson 9

Exercise: lesson 9

Vocab: Countries (lesson 10.1)

Exercise: lesson 10.1

Vocab: Household Items (lesson 10.2)

Exercise: lesson 10.2

Vocab: Places and Transport (lesson 10.3)

Exercise: lesson 10.3

Vocab: Clothing (lesson 10.4)

Exercise: lesson 10.4

Vocab: Numbers + Exercise (lesson 10.5)

January 21, 2017



Hi Pok. Would you like to help me make a Cantonese course on Memrise? We can collaborate it...


Thanks! Do u have a Memrise account?


Yes, I have followed you

My Cantonese version is here


I'm gonna love this language. My lazy self in command. :0 :)


This is great work of you, I will love it! Maybe he could find a team of people to make it an actual course on Duolingo.

[deactivated user]

    Nice work!


    Thank you so much!!

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