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Tandem anyone?

without trying to reiterate live mocha, I am looking for a tandem or to create a study group(google hangout) for german and/or brazilian portuguese.

I speak: romanian C2 english C1 french B2 spanish B2+ (married to a mexican) I am learning:

german B1 portuguese A2-

so how would you polyglots feel about it?

February 19, 2013



I don't know google hangout, I should check it... I know some German, anyway I am all but fluent...


Hey Marziotta, I've added you as friends :)
we can try to speak German and French(seen you're learning).


just joined !!...with spanish ,help me out with tips if you have any! :)


hey ronnie, where are you from?

for spanish you should try to listen to bachata and salsa song, if you have spotify just search for a bachata playlist, it's very passive, but it does develop your listening skill a lot, and helps you remember words. Bachata and salsa songs are 90% in spanish so you can't go wrong looking for that. If you're in the USA go to salsa classes - a lot of people going there are spanish-speakers. In europe that's not really the case.

Then look for movies. If you're a netflix user just go to foreign movies, put english subtitles, and watch.

and ofc, do a lesson-a-day on duolingo: while songs and movies help the hearing/listening part, duolingo is great for the writing part :)

My biggest tip for you is not to exagerate and make a spanish-speaking movie marathon. but instead to do something in spanish every day :)


im from india, pune & thank you for the info! ...i ll try it when im free, stay in contact :)


Hello, I saw the link to the German group in your profile. Asked to join (my name is Olga Fyodorova). I speak Russian (native), English (fluent), French about B2, German I guess about A1 or A2.


Hi Olga, you're in the group now, I know I haven't really made it official, so this is the link : https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106458927019187206531?cfem=1 . it's meant to be a conversation table (stammtisch) for us on duolingo to practice german :).


Do I need Google+ to join?


Hey Lenkvist, you do need a gmail account, and it is a google+ group that I've created, yes.


I've just sent a request for the community :) I'm learning only German at the moment...and also, English isn't my native :)


Hi my name is Tim and I'd like to join the group. I can read basic German pretty well (had 3 years in school, but also forgot a lot), and need practice/experience actually writing and speaking it properly. I live and normally work in the Netherlands, but we're part of a large German company and will be visiting again next week. I have Google+ already.


i'm gonna join, but i don't speak german too good. putem vorbi in romana daca mai sunt romani prin zona. +jimmyhumuhumunuculucuapua on google.

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