it's great ang very chhallenging enjoying the great expirence .graicas dulingo por favor ayudma yo tu aprender espanol.

January 21, 2017


@shemalahdyrer Gracias Duolingo. Por favor ayúdenme a aprender español. :)

Hey congratulations , un poco dificil el espanol pero si se pude aprender !!! :)

Hola, estudio espanol tambien. Cuando tienes un momento, sera un plaisir de hablar contigo .

hi, i know spanish if you want, i can help you and you help me learn alitle bit more english what you think, see you, :-)

Hi, congratulations. I just posted a post with suggestions on how to enjoy learning a new language for total beginners. Well, you are not a total beginner, but my post may give you some hints. Best regards.

hola , como estas?

hello guys ! i'm learning spanish . if it's someone who want to help me to learn spanish, just let me know. i speak english and romanian. good luck !

I'd like to, my english is kinda basic but I think I could help

what's your facebook profile or whatsup number ?

there's a fb link on my profile

Hi,I could help you.

what's your facebook profile or whatsup number ?

Hola Estoy aprendiendo Ingles, quizá podríamos a ayudarnos.

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