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Extremely Confusing sentence in German. The word 'man' is feminine in English? [Answered]

I have just started 'Accusative Pronouns' in German, lesson 2 on my iPad and saw this very confusing sentence :) I thought maybe I don;t understand something and the word 'man' is feminine in English but, no, it is a glitch :) Not complaining, just suggesting :)

Here is a screenshot of a problem:

March 1, 2014



There is nothing wrong with the sentence, in my opinion. It means:

  • The man wears her (the woman's) dresses.

So in effect it indicates that a man, is wearing dresses that belong to a woman.


The man wears his wife's dresses.


There seem to be a few rather odd sentences in French and in German - perhaps computer generated? One in French is " I love meat so I eat fish" Maybe just meant to keep us on our toes!

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