"I need three hours to eat this chicken."

Translation:Tôi cần ba giờ để ăn con gà này.

January 22, 2017

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isn't ba giờ 3 o'clock.. and an alternative would be to say ba tiếng


wouldn't con gà be the animal rather than the meat? Perhaps the sentence was tongue-in-check :D


Funny comment!

But I've been eating a lot with a Vietnamese family and they say "con gà" or "con heo" to refer to the food, so I guess it is correct (or at least usual) to use "con" for the food too.


I read elsewhere that you use con gà for e.g. a roasted chicken. Whereas you use 'mon' (sp?) gà for a prepared meal where the chicken has been cut into small pieces.


Is con really necessary here?

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