"Drum bun!"


January 22, 2017

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while I "correctly" wrote "farewell" so as not to get this wrong, would you agree that's not a great translation? tough to translate: I would actually translate this into english with the french 'bon voyage'. just, that sounds a bit pretentious in english. 'farewell' just sounds like a very final 'goodbye', whereas 'drum bun' implies saying goodbye to someone who is starting a journey. maybe "good travels" or "safe travels" or "have a good trip" -- but we don't say any of those things with the frequency with which Romanians say "drum bun". Also interesting that there's a similar phrase that's both common and important in Romany (Rroma/Gypsy language): latcho drom, which wishes the interlocutor an easy journey. also interesting to note that the Romanian 'drum' comes from the ancient Greek 'dromos' (path), as in hippodrome etc.


Someone give this guy an award. thats exactly what i said "safe travels" and i got it wrong


But literally, farewell is coined to be said to a traveller (who is faring) so perhaps it's not as final as all that.


"Have a good trip" is accepted now.


Yes, as a Ro native and bilangual En, I would translate this to "Safe travels". It is like they were trying to give "Farewell" as an easy equivalent, but that that would be more like "La revedere" even in this context, and only confuses people.


It might sound pretentious to you, it doesn't sound pretentious to me. In fact "farewell" sounds a little bit more pretentious to me if anything.


It should definitely accept bon voyage. That phrase has now definitely entered the english language as much as bon appetit.


Especially considering that "journey", "travel", "trip", and "voyage" are also from French.


"Safe travels" should be accepted.


Maybe the old cowboy expression, "Happy trails" would communicate the sentiment while staying close to a literal translation.


Have a safe trip! (Farewell is an inadequate translation.)


Does "Drum bun" literally mean "Good road"?

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