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"These oranges are very sweet!"

Translation:Portocalele astea sunt foarte dulci!

January 22, 2017



Is there a meaningful difference between "Aceste portocale sunt foarte dulci!" and "Portocalele astea sunt foarte dulci!" Why do you put this before the noun sometimes and after it others?


There is no actual difference between putting the noun first or second. I guess it is more formal to have the pronoun first and then the noun, and also ”asta/astea” etc are informal


I don't understand why it is written "acestea" for "these" in the Tips and Notes of the lesson, and not "aceste".


When the 'this' comes in front of the noun, it drops the final '-a'.


Precisely what I'm wondering!


The form astea does not exist at all in the list in the "tips"


No, it doesn't. I, for one, am very confused!


Ok - big problem here, some of which is touched on by others. The feminine pl form in the tips is acestea. If we are supposed to be dropping the final "a" of this proximity pronoun, where is this identified in the notes? Astea also has an "a" at the end. The study sheets for this lesson are terrible.

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