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Where can I get free greek ebooks?

I'm looking for easy ebooks to read in greek. Most of what's online is ancient greek and is philosophy, so way above my level. All of the dead tree books that I can find to purchase are super expensive. Is there anywhere that I can get cheap or free ebooks in Modern greek? Maybe translations of 19th or 20th century classics that are in the public domain?

January 22, 2017


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Well, 19th and 20th century classics are not easy for learners, but I don't really know your level in Greek ;). Here are some kids books online, that also have a narrator. Those are Greek or international classics, that are difficult, most of them written in scholarly language. Good reading!


Holy Christ! In the first link there is a book called "Τα μαγικά μου αυτιά". I used to love that book when i was a kid. I had completely forgotten about it!


The EU have produced a number of publications in many languages, including Greek and they are aimed at a broad range of ages and abilities.


All free to download.

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