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Is voice recognition supposed to work this way?


I spent five minutes trying to make it recognise it as zwölf instead of 12, but to no avail :) I get that voice recognition is simply inaccurate, but here it seems that duo understood me correctly, but the setting prevented my answer from being logged as correct.

March 1, 2014



Thanks for letting us know. We'll fix this soon.


Thanks a lot Duo, keep up the great work!

Just a minor side-note: I originally wanted to report this from the lesson itself, but that doesn't allow uploading an image (screenshot). As I found out later, apparently, neither do the forums. I totally understand the reasoning behind this - spam or inappropriate content, but having to host the screenshot elsewhere (in which I might be breaking copyright law - fair use is a bit iffy here) is a bit discouraging.


You can share a screenshot in the forums by uploading to imgur (for ex) and adding ![] parenthesis around the url. An image will appear in your forum comment :)


I am having that same issue in Spanish.


Thanks for letting us know :)


Where is this interface? Is this something new?


I've had this web interface ever since I joined two weeks ago. As far as I know, Duo simply assigns different users into betas, control groups and what not to test new features and see which are most efficient for language learning. You can't really control what you get.

For example, I don't have any "put the words in the correct order" exercises which I've seen on some screen shots and on my phone (not that I miss them).

  • The word selection is a feature to make it easier to use on mobile devices, so you can select a word with a single tap. As far as I know they do not exist on the desktop interface.
  • The speech exercises are only shown if you enabled the microphone in your duolingo settings


I see. I wish they had the opt-in option for such experiments. This speech interface seems much more useful than the old one.

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