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Yo elegi aprender catalan, pero you no soy española entonces no quiero lo excercicios catalan-castellano.....quiero catalan- ingles como lo hago. yo no se castellano suficiente para hacer los excercicios en castellano

January 22, 2017

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Catalan and Guaraní courses are only available, right now, for Spanish speakers, if you want to learn those languages you should learn Spanish first. This happens because most collaborators of these courses are native speakers of both the language they're teaching and Spanish. But don't worry, your Spanish is very good, just a few corrections: pero yo no soy española, ejercicios (not excercicios), and the accents (´) (maybe they're not on your keyboard), but you're doing very well! ;) If you want to learn Catalan from English you may have to wait too much time such a course is ready (I don't think it will be here). And if you start learning Catalan you might be improving your Spanish. Hope that helps :)

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