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  5. "The candles are on the cake."

"The candles are on the cake."

Translation:Lumânările sunt pe tort.

January 22, 2017



Nouns after prepositions are without articles unless they are with an adjective

Lumânările sunt pe tort.

Lumânările sunt pe tortul meu.

Lumânările sunt pe tortul fără zahăr.


Why isn't it tortul instead of tort?


Probably when you use 'pe tort' is not necesary to use the article. because there are examples when we use 'pe masă' and it does not have the article. I speak spanish (similar language to romanian almost on everything) and have understood that the word 'pe' includes the article.


So it seems the general rule is when a noun is preceded by locative prepositions, article is not needed.

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