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Help with Greek?

Hi! I am a big fan of the Greek/Ancient Greek culture, so I decided that I would try to learn the language just for fun. However, I feel that the course is a little confusing and I think that it all happens a little fast, which makes it hard to remember all of the new letters and pronunciations. Is there any way that I can learn it at a slower pace?

Thank you!

January 22, 2017



Γειά σου. Some people like to write down things as they do the lessons. You can also redo any lesson if you feel stuck, or google charts for the Greek alphabet. The alphebet isn't that hard to learn, but it can be a little confusing not knowing all the letters. Good luck.


Thank you so much for the quick reply! I will probably try to write things down or google charts, but I may end up redoing the lessons anyways! Thanks so much for your help!


Please make it a habit to read the Tips & Notes for each lesson--see top left of each page--there is a lot of information on the ABCs. Then there are the Greek Forums found here and here this starts with a general help section for the use of Duo. Best of luck and come back for any questions or to give us feed back.


Btw I forgot to mention that on other courses I took I used Quizlet to take notes. It has much to offer over hand written notes.


I find one of the good things about Duolingo is that things don't have to happen too quickly! I try to make sure that all the lessons I've already completed are at full strength before I move on to anything new ... and sometimes if I'm not feeling confident I'll go back to strengthen and revise something rather than moving onto something new. Conversely, I must admit sometimes I'll deliberately choose to do something new rather than revise the same thing yet again ...


Keep on! You will see soon an impressive comprehension. Alphabet is not a problem. It is a matter of a couple of hours to get used with. Nor the pronunciation in Greek. When you reach level 4-6 you will see the difference. It's too early, I think.

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