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  5. "Η εικόνα προφίλ."

"Η εικόνα προφίλ."

Translation:The profile picture.

January 22, 2017



Hmm, I understand the words that are used here, but I am a bit surprised that the noun phrase is not η εικόνα του προφίλ... Is this common in Greek to simply put two nouns together to make a noun phrase?


Why in this order?


«προφίλ» appears to be an indeclinable noun, so I would wager it is being used like a genitive (in a qualifying sense), i.e. "the image of profile." At least from what I've seen genitives almost always follow what they are qualifying/possessing, e.g. «το νερό του αγοριού» «ο υπουργός οικονομικών»


Το προφίλ looks like a transliteration of the French word le profil. I have come across a number of such words in the course ( French is my first language).


Oui, moi, j'ai constaté ça aussi- mon emprunt préféré jusqu'ici: κασκόλ < cache-col :)


I'm still having a difficult time understanding. It sounds like there's an extra "ι" after the "λ", am I hearing it right?

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In Greek, if there was an extra ι, it would be much more obvious and it would have some length. I think that what confuses you is the fact that the speaker hold on to the λ a little bit longer. The Greek λ makes a different sound than the English l, but there is no deliberate ι.


I was able to understand the answer once I had seen it, though the grammar surprised me, just as it surprised others who commented. But the pronunciation of προφίλ by the speaker is impossible to understand. He seems to have added an η or a ι at the end.

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Thank you for reporting this. There is a new audio system being tested and there are some errors. The technical staff is working on corrections.


What does this mean? I wrote "the image profile" and it was marked right; the model answer is "the profile image". Do either of these mean anything?


"The profile image" would be like an avatar (the picture you use to represent you on a website or social media). "The image profile" seems like an odd wording and I would guess if used in English would be more likely to refer to a photograph of someone from the side. I assume for this question "The image profile" is accepted because it's the more direct translation, but it's supposed to be mean the same thing as "the profile image."


Thank you for this explanation - I have learned something.


This doesn't explain anything to me (except that now I know I'm represented by an "avatar"). Is that what is meant by "η εικόνα προφίλ"? If so, how (else) would you say this in English? Or couldn't you just say "the icon"?


Thanks for the explanation. The biography's picture.


I have reported that the audio is still very difficult to understand.

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The new audio will be ready soon.


Yes, I fell foul of this one, too. On seeing it again, it seems to me that the article is the clue: the η refers to εικόνα. If it were "The image profile", the article would be το to match προφίλ, at very least.


Re: "Η εικόνα προφίλ."
Could this translation also be, "The profile PICTURE"?

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Yes, and it's one of the accepted answers.

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