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Feature suggestions questions

Hey, I am using dualingo for a few days (use it for French) now and I like it very much. I have some suggestions and questions: I would like to see a statistic on huch time I spend on language training and also a running time during the lession to keep track while learning. It would also be interesting to see recommendations on how many time it makes sense to spend on learning per day/ week. What I would also like to see is some insights on conjugation of verbs. I realise it is trained, but it would be also helpful as in other programs to be directly shown the rules and have a training in it (or does this come later?). It would be also good to have dualingo in German (I am a native German) and the language I would like to lern and miss here is Danish :-) The timed lessions are a bit unfair in the moment when there are accents in the words. It just takes longer because one has to use the mouse and click on the character. So if there are accents in the words there should be some extra seconds :-) What would be also interesting: A statistic on typical mistakes I make. What I would also find interesting: Does it make sense to learn two languages (French and Spanish) at once. If so, it would be an interesting feature, if Dualingo could mange the switch and help to balance it (like automatically suggesting me to go for the other language after a while). A small problem I have: Although I have a very fast internet connection, the reaction time sometimes is rather long, e.g. after recording an audio or before recording it. In both cases it takes long until the page is ready. Sometimes it even gets stuck.Anyway thanks for your great work.

February 19, 2013


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