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Old English Conversations! [See Old English being spoken by Leornende Eald Englisċ!]

Ƿesað gē hāl!

Following is a list of links to Old English spoken conversation for all those who wish to improve their pronunciation in ænglisċ!

Old English Conversation I

Old English Conversation II

Old English Conversation III

Old English Conversation: On bǣre meduhealle

All Conversations by Leornende Eald Englisċ!


January 23, 2017



Do you mean Old English Conversations?


yep, fixed.

Sorry, was half asleep when making the post.


it's so cool to see the roots of my native language o_o this is so interesting haha


Yep! Sub to LEE for regular videos about learning OE as a living language!

Also, I have a link to my OE lessons (check out my profile for the thread directory!)

Check this out for comparison of OE with other languages such as Old Norse, Icelandic, German, Dutch, Swedish, and more!

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