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Students don't see homework assignments

Dear all,

I have made a classroom for my students. For some this works really well, but some students can't see the 'homework' I give them.

I've seen they added my group and I can see them in my group, but they can't see the assignments and in my screen it shows they made the assignments 'late'. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening and how to fix it?

January 23, 2017



It's a bug that's been reported a few times recently. I think there's an ongoing problem.

This would be more visible to staff in the Educators forum - there's a member of Duolingo staff that monitors that forum. All you need to do is click edit, and then change the topic from troubleshooting to educators.


I have this problem, too!

I created all of my students' accounts since they don't have e-mail addresses (which makes the problem "worse", as they can't access their assignments through their e-mails either). And in order to make it easier for them, I have been logging into each student's account and joining the classroom, so everything is set up for them before I give them their usernames and passwords and they just have to log in and practice.

I followed the exact same method to do this with all of them, and I followed all the steps in the link Vivisaurus provided, but the problem persists. There are 10 students in the classroom, but in 2 of those profiles things seem to work differently. Besides not being able to see the assignments on the right side, when I go to the settings page and click on the "progress sharing" section, it does appear that they are in my class and sharing progress with me, BUT when I click next to the classroom name, nothing happens - as opposed to the other 8, which are redirected to the main page with the assignments when I do that.

There are also a few other differences between the accounts that can see their assignments and those that can't:

  • Those who can see their assignments have the suggestion to select a daily XP goal, while those who can't see them had a minimum of 1 XP by default.

  • All of them are shown the "Start at Introduction" vs "Placement test". However, those who can see their assignments are shown an egg with a cracked shell (blue image) where it says "Introduction", whereas those who can't see their assignments are shown a little chick coming out of the egg (red image). I have screenshots of this, but I don't know how to upload them here...

  • The little settings symbol next to "daily goal". Those who can see their assignments are shown three options when clicking on it: "Change daily goal", "See all asignments" and "Progress sharing settings". Those who can't see their asignments are automatically redirected to the page where they set their daily goal.

Please, help!! I told them about Duolingo today, we practiced a little bit in class and they were really excited about it. They're looking forward to our next class so they can get their usernames and passwords and start practicing at home :)


I'm having the same exact problem Ana.ZM describes with account. I've followed the steps in vivisaurus' link to no avail. It seems that my account is limited, but all the other students in my class can see their assignments on the home page. My Account settings page has fewer options, my Notification settings page has fewer options. It's so weird that it's different. But, the worst problem of all is that I cannot see my assignments!


Some accounts don't have access to activity streams at the moment. There's been no announcement from Duolingo, but we're assuming it's an A/B test.

It's a bit of an odd A/B test. There's loads of stuff that doesn't work properly without an activity stream; moderators can't leave messages for people, or look back to see whether there's a pattern; you can't look back and find a comment that you found useful. The general view on the forums is that it's a really poorly-thought-out A/B test, and hopefully it'll go away soon.

If your account is new enough that you don't mind ditching it and starting again, you could create new accounts until you get one that works properly.


I'm currently experiencing this bug as well, as a student; I'm unable to see the assignments that my teacher has given me just an hour ago. I'm thinking of waiting on it, but decided to post a comment here in the meantime. I've also made this account just a few days earlier, thus it is new. I didn't receive any emails, and I can't see my assignments, other than the completed ones in my main page. I've also followed the steps vivisaurus has linked to, but to no results.


Sorry this is causing issues — we are troubleshooting and hope to detect the issue soon on our end. Any details you can send are helpful! =]


Hi Vivisaurus, Has this been resolved? I just created my classes and a handful of my students cannot see the assignment I put in today. I've checked everything and they are logged in with the correct emails, they are in my classes, and I can see their other progress.


Hi! Can you please follow the steps here and get back to us if they don't help?


Dear Vivisaurus,

I've followed all of the steps in the guide you send. I'm afraid a couple of the children still can't see their 'homework' on the website. They did receive an e-mail with the homework, but it's very confusing to the class that everyone needs to look in another place. Twelve year olds have a difficult time coping with stuff like that haha


I've followed all the suggestions given on this discussion board, and nothing has changed. Many of the students can't see their assignments, which makes it difficult for me to hold them accountable for completing their work by the due date. At the beginning of the year, I had very few students who had that problem, now with the new students, I have more than 50 students who have this problem. Please advise on what the solution is.


Hi there, I still have the same problem with it, did they manage to fix that or it still works that way? I tried to login from chrome, firefox & safari, but the issue still persists. BTW, guys, I have this bug on a few websites only, https://www.duolingo.com & https://handmadewritings.com/ (as far as I know), did somebody solve it? If so, then please make me know in the comments below. Will really appreciate it. Thanks!

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