was ist die unterschied zwischen morgens und am Morgen ?

January 23, 2017


"Morgens" is a time adverb pointing to the time in the morning. Normally you use it for things that happen every morning, regularly.

"Am Morgen" contains the preposition "an" which takes the morning as the time when something happens. You would use it best if you speak about a special morning when something happened.

For example:

"Ich treffe mich morgens immer mit meinen Freunden." = "I always meet up with my friends in the morning."

"Am Morgen des 13. Februar fand der Hausmeister die Leiche im Keller." = "At the morning of February 13, the landlord found the corpse in the basement."

I hope I could be of help.

January 23, 2017

Thanks :)

January 24, 2017
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