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Add student email after account creation

When I made my classroom, my students did not have email addresses. Now that they have them, how do I go back and add without having to create a whole new account?

January 23, 2017



You won't be able to modify those accounts now. Once they're created, they belong to the students. The students can add their email addresses very easily, though - in a two-minute class activity, get them all to log in, hold the mouse over their username, click on settings, and type their email addresses in and press save.


I have used Duolingo School for my ESL classes since its creation. Up until now, I had no trouble.

With my new groups for this school year, the account creation isn't working. All the students get the same user ID ("None") and some even have the same password. I have read the setup guide to see if anything has changed, but nothing is supposed to be different.

Am I the only one with this issue? Help!

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