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"Min kondition är inte vad den har varit."

Translation:I am not as fit as I used to be.

January 23, 2017



Does kondition always refer to fitness in a positive sense? I read this as "My condition / health is not what it was. Could this also be said by someone who once was seriously ill but is now improved, recovered, or even glowing with health?


No, it doesn't say anything about health at all, really. It's essentially fitness as a measure of how well you're able to keep at endurance or cardio exercise. If you have bad kondition, it means you're an unfit runner, or cyclist, etc.


“My fitness isn’t what it used to be” is what I put, and it seems to be closer to the Swedish sentence as well. I flagged it, hoping it will be accepted.


That was actually supposed to be accepted, but there was an error in the admin input area. I've fixed this now.


Note that the Swedish sentence here is also grammatical without the "har". (In a subordinate clause in Swedish the helping verb (har) can be omitted in the perfect tense.)


I'm reading a book at the moment and found this in it a lot. I wasn't sure, but your comment clarified it. Thanks!


I'm not as fit as I have been (?)


That definitely seems like a reasonable translation.


Okay, thanks. Duolingo didn't agree with me. :)


It's not an immediately obvious translation going by directness, so it's an easy one to overlook. But I'm sure it's just missing.

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