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  5. "Eles não escutam?"

"Eles não escutam?"

Translation:Don't they listen?

February 20, 2013



don't they listen? should be okay, right?


Ouvir is also listen right? So what's the difference between ouvir and escutar?


Yes, "ouvir" and "escutar" mean both to hear and to listen.


So I can use them interchangeably?


You made me look for them in the "pai dos burros" :-D (literally "father of the dumbs", an expression sometimes we use for the dictionary...) So, that's what I found: formally "escutar" means precisely "to listen" (the action or effort to hear), but I can say with my experience that it is widely used in the sense of "to hear". In the other side, "ouvir" means both "to hear" and "to listen" even in my dictionary (Dicionário Houaiss da Língua Portuguesa, a very authoritative one). Conclusion: if you want to be completely formal, "escutar" should be translated only into "to listen". But in real life language, "ouvir" and "escutar" are interchangeable and mean both "to hear" and "to listen".


I put "don't they listen?" and it thinks I missed a word...??


How do you know when it is choose versus hear


To choose = escolher and to hear = escutar


It accepted, "They don't listen?".


"Can't they hear"? Refused!!


"They can't" means that they lack the ability (or the permission) to do something. "They don't" means that they choose not to do something.


In my humble opinion, the sentence in Portuguese means both. I believe DL should accept "Can't they listen?" as well as "Don't they listen?". Actually, I think DL should also accept "to hear"...


I think these kind of sentences don't help in learning. If you forgot the meaning of "escutam" there is no kind of hint in the sentence to help you. Why not just put the word by itself in these cases?


It is real world practice. We don't always have hints to help us out so it keeps us on our toes as we have to work harder to make sure that we remember. Sometimes you can create your own hints, though. Each time you learn a new word, associate it with something that is easy for you to recall.


Better wording would start uma pergunta with axillary do


¨Don´t they listen¨ DOES start with the auxiliary ¨do.¨ It´s just part of a contraction here, which is more common, anyway. (that is not to say that the other form is that unusual)

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