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Unable to move on if error perceived

I am copy and pasting correct sentence but still comes as error (translate from English to Greek The month of June.) My sentence is exactly the same as the Correct sentence given but it keeps returning Incorrect response and I can not get away from this item and move on. It should be possible to SKIP as option is given without returning to the same item over and over again. I can not complete the Time lesson because of this.

January 23, 2017



Sometimes you can get around this sort of nonsense by means of the test out feature. It may be worth a try. It's what I do when I find a course hell-bent on making me produce Not-English that I'm unwilling to type.


Can you not highlight the response it gives you - you know how it gives you the right answer when you get it wrong? Copy/paste into that question so you can move on?

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